Jewelry Care


The majority of our jewelry are made of Zinc Alloy. Like Most of other metals, including silver and brass, they will tarnish over time. The climate where you live, the amount of sulfur in the air, and your body's pH balance can impact how quickly your jewelry becomes discolored.


We recommend taking off your jewelry when showering, washing dishes, swimming, and exercising. Always apply your jewelry as a last step when getting ready.


The best way to keep the jewelry from tarnish is to clean it regularly. There are multiple ways to clean the jewelry effectively without having to buy harsh chemicals. The most common and environmentally friendly methods to clean zinc alloy is using toothpaste with an old cloth or toothbrush.


Once you have removed all the dirt and spots from the jewelry, clean it with a paper towel or cloth. Sock a cloth or paper towel in water and rub the surface area. Make sure to rub off all of the toothpaste. Try not to use too much water. Once the toothpaste is removed, pat dry immediately.